• Properly prepare for rehearsals through consistent stretching, strength and core conditioning, and aerobic exercise
  • Exhibit a strong understanding of principles of body alignment
  • Demonstrate techniques of proper turnout, extension, safe landings, and abdominal control
  • Find opportunity for expression and performance within every exercise and combination

An intermediate to advanced understanding of basic ballet skills such as:

  • arm positions
  • foot positions - parallel and turned out
  • plie
  • tendu
  • degage
  • grand battement
  • coupe
  • passe
  • attitude
  • chaine turn
  • chaine en l'air
  • chasse
  • saute
  • jete
  • grand jete
  • glissade
  • various leaps, jumps, and turns

Splits and advanced leaps and turns are beneficial.

Other talents such as tumbling, gymnastics, contortion, extreme flexibility.

Movement is the centerpiece of our identity. Movement techniques can be taught to individuals with open minds and hearts - this is key to your experience with us.


  • Drop spins on both the left and right hand
  • Double time on both the left and right hand 
  • Carves on both the left and right hand
  • Thumb flips on both the left and right hand
  • Tosses: "singles" from both the left and right hand, "doubles" from both the left and right hand.
  • A few other releases/"45" tosses and spin exercises that will be taught at Open Gym/Auditions.
  • Silk tricks
  • Ground work with spinning flag

Rifle/Sabre (if auditioning)

Exceptional Technique is required for the World Guard

A separate audition will take place to make the rifle and/or sabre line(s) once you are contracted. We encourage anyone interested in weapon to take the sessions offered at auditions.

  • Spins from both hilt and blade sides of equipment on right and left
    • Roughly 400 spins, 100 on each position
  • Push hit exercise, focusing on strong catches
  • Some variation of a “clock” or “angle“ exercise
  • Flourishes
  • Tosses and tricks

*Prepare for body layering with all equipment exercises