Identity was founded in 2007 and competed in the 2008 winter season.

Identity aimed to bring a new program to the area when independent winter guard was struggling to find a foothold. Texas State became the home of Identity and we continue to have a strong relationship with the university and its students.

2008 - "In the Beginning" (iO)

2009 - "Home on the Range" (iA WGI Finalist)

2010 - "Curiouser and Curiouser" (iO)

2011 - "Slowly, Falling" (iO)

2011 - "Progress" (iA)

2012 - "Network" (iO WGI Finalist)

2012 - "In the Shadow of Your Heart" (iA)

2013 - "Eyes Only For Me" (iO WGI Gold Medal)

2013 - "The Last Lecture" (iA WGI Finalist)

2014 - "Weather Reports" (iW)

2015 - "The Hanging Tree" (iW)

2016 - "Picturesque" (iO)